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Below are a few of the most recent and most cited publications:

Glaucoma and Biomechanics
Safa, Babak N.; Wong, Cydney A.; Ha, Jungmin; Ethier, C. Ross
Current Opinion in Ophthalmology. March 2022.

Improving Stem Cell Delivery to the Trabecular Meshwork using Magnetic Nanoparticles. Scientific Reports.
E.J. Snider, K.P. Kubelick, K. Tweed, R.K. Kim, K. Gao, Y. Li, S. Emelianov, C.R. Ethier.
Scientific Reports. August 2018.

A Methodology for Individual-Specific Modeling of Rat Optic Nerve Head Biomechanics in Glaucoma.
SA Schwaner, AM Kight, RN Perry, M Pazos, H Yang, EC Johnson, JC Morrison, CF Burgoyne, CR Ethier.
Journal of Biomechanical Engineering. May 2018.

The Relationship Between Outflow Resistance and Trabecular Meshwork Stiffness in Mice.
K Wang, G Li, AT Read, I Navarro, AK Mitra, WD Stamer, T Sulchek, CR Ethier.
Scientific Reports. April 2018.

Development of a Platform for Studying 3D Astrocyte Mechanobiology: Compression of Astrocytes in Collagen Gels.
JJE Mulvihill, J Raykin, EJ Snider, LA Schildmeyer, I Zaman, MO Platt, DJ Kelly, CR Ethier.
Annals of Biomedical Engineering. February 2018.

Estimating Human Trabecular Meshwork Stiffness by Numerical Modeling and Advanced OCT Imaging.
K Wang, MA Johnstone, C Xin, S Song, S Padilla, JA Vranka, TS Acott, K Zhou, SA Schwaner, RK Wang, T Sulchek, Ethier CR.
Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science. October 2017.

Characterizing Differences Between MSCs and TM Cells: Toward Autologous Stem Cell Therapies for the Glaucomatous Trabecular Meshwork.
EJ Snider, RT Vannatta, L Schildmeyer, WD Stamer, CR Ethier.
Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine. May 2017.

The Impact of Ocular Hemodynamics and Intracranial Pressure on Intraocular Pressure During Acute Gravitational Changes.
ES Nelson, L Mulugeta, A Feola, J Raykin, JG Myers, BC Samuels, CR Ethier.
Journal of Applied Physiology. August 2017.

Deformation of the Lamina Cribrosa and Optic Nerve Due to Changes in Cerebrospinal Fluid Pressure.
AJ Feola, B Coudrillier, J Mulvihill, DM Geraldes, NT Vo, J Albon, RL Abel, BC Samuels, CR Ethier.
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Quantification of the Efficacy of Collagen Cross-Linking Agents to Induce Stiffening of Rat Sclera.
IC Campbell, BG Hannon, AT Read, JM Sherwood, SA Schwaner, CR Ethier.
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Clearance Kinetics and Clearance Routes of Molecules From the Suprachoroidal Space After Microneedle Injection.
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Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science. January 2017.

A Modified Gelatin Zymography Technique Incorporating Total Protein Normalization.
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Factors Influencing Optic Nerve Head Biomechanics.
IA Sigal, JG Flanagan, CR Ethier.
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Factors Influencing Blood Flow Patterns in the Human Right Coronary Artery.
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Finite Element Modeling of Optic Nerve Head Biomechanics.
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